Friday, July 06, 2007

Phone Talk

This last month Maya was having a rough time at home. She was acting out, throwing tantrums and being very oppositional with Emily. During one of my (almost) nightly calls, Maya was currently in 'time-out' and Emily's nerves were fried. While I was discussing things with Emily, Maya slipped a note under the door that said she was sorry and that she wanted to have a happy family. That brought the tears out.

We (Maya, Emily, Jill and myself) had a bit of chat to try to determine what we could do to make sure we had a happy family. Maya mentioned that some of the girls in her class have not been very nice to her. When they play games she is told that it is only a game for two people. That made me quite sad. We have been told by the Sugarbear staff that Maya is one of the best behaved kids they have and that she plays with just about everyone. That makes me feel good.

Later in the week, Emily was trying to convince Maya to talk to me on the phone. "Just tell him goodnight and you love him." After a few moments Maya timidly answered the phone. I quickly fired off a couple of accolades and tried to squeeze in a question about how she did this last week. She said "Fine, but I really only wanted to say I love you and goodnight." As my Dad would say, "Cheeky girl!"

Apparently she did much better the rest of the month.

Hopefully next week is good too.

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