Saturday, August 12, 2006

Picnic on Federal Hill

Mike and Brittany invited Jill and I to join them for a picnic. We assembled our dinner menu then headed over to Federal Hill to enjoy the perfect weather. We spread out the blanket and consumed tortilla wrap sandwiches, fruit, crackers and brie, and some yummy Berger's cookies. I got a bit distracted by the setting sun and took a few pictures of the Inner Harbor and downtown Baltimore. We also threw a Frisbee around a bit and flew a kite. The weather really was amazing.

We watched with amusement the tow trucks that were 'dragging' out the parallel parked cars and towing them away. As we cleaned up our picnic site we consoled eachother that we had not reached our two hour limit yet. Unyet we all felt like maybe we should pack up and be on our way, just in case.

As we came over the crest of the hill, I saw two tow trucks by my car which was no longer parked the way we left it. (which is different story - I suck at parallel parking!) I started running down the stairs two and three at a time when Jill yells "Drop everything! Just run!"

I jumped over the handrail, dropped the bags I was carrying and began running down the steep hill of grass in my Doc Martin Sandals with absolutely no traction. I was headed toward the top of a stone retaining wall with a 4 foot drop to a sidewalk. Somehow I managed to stay upright, jump to the sidewalk, and run to my car as the flat-bed tow truck was backing up to my car!


I still got a parking ticket but at least I did not also have the additional cost and extreme hassle of a towed vehicle!

As we drove away the tow trucks and another vehicle were radioing and coordinating more extractions. I guess the pre-season Ravens football game had a lot to do with the extra activity. So be forwarned, don't park by Ferderal Hill on a game night!

Man, that would have really sucked if the car had been towed! It would have completely soured the wonderful evening.

Reflecting on the humor is a lot more enjoyable than the alternative.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

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